About Employers Health Network (EHN)

Complete, fully integrated healthcare offering delivering value
Ensuring the Best Outcomes for Employers and Providers

EHN in collaboration with the South Carolina Business Coalition on Health is transforming healthcare transparency across South Carolina through a single-source self-funded benefit solution powered by HPI, a Harvard Pilgrim Company for employers with 50+ employees.

Throughout our country, self-insured companies of all sizes are searching for clinical and financial opportunities to improve health outcomes and patient engagement, while lowering costs. As leaders in their communities, employers are in a uniquely strategic position to effect change in the way healthcare is delivered. Employers Health Network makes it possible for employers to have a positive impact on their employees’ healthcare, and at the same time establish viable, long term relationships with their local medical providers.

Employers Health Network was established to be the strategic partner who works with employers and providers to develop a fully integrated model that includes all the necessary components of an employer’s benefit offering. EHN , through HPI, a Harvard Pilgrim Company, works closely with employers to understand their specific needs, while providing their employees with the choice in healthcare they demand.

EHN delivers a completely integrated health benefit solution to ensure the best likelihood of success, regardless of the situation to employers in South Carolina with 50+ employees.

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